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Sooo this ..... SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH, I WILL  BE ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF TATTOO NOW TV. I'm honored and very humbled to have been invited to be the "in-studio guest" by Gabe Ripley and host Ben Licata.  It is surreal to be joining two artists that I have admired since the beginning of my apprenticeship Carlos Torres and Nate Beavers. I'm also very excited to be sharing the camera with a wonderful and talented woman who is normally on the other side of the lens Mary D'Aloisio. 

You can watch by simply going to Tattoonowt.com and watching the LIVE webcast this Sunday Nov. 24th @ 10pm est. I've been compiling a few good questions for all the guests and looking forward to hearing yours in our chatroom. Hope you get a chance to watch!