112 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA


Creation Station and Urban Legends

The busier Max has become with tattoos (news item on his wait list coming soon!), the more he is working on scheduling time to work on creating art in other mediums, outside of the studio. Being proactive about his desire to create more art, him and fellow full time tattoo artist, Frank Ready, just moved into their own private art studio

The new space was the perfect opportunity for Max to work on his painting for our most recent art show "Urban Legends." We were excited as Max revealed sneak peaks of his creation in the days leading up to the event.


It was hard to understand how he was going to incorporate all the ideas he had, including inspiration from the urban legend The Spider Bite, widely popularized by the Scary Stories books that terrified and scarred us all as children.

How would that story have happened in the world of selfies, mirror photos and self indulgence? Max was going to show us.

The attention to detail and dedication to each piece of the painting was tedious, but remarkable in the end. Max printed out each of the hash tags on transparency paper, and hand cut each letter out with an exacto knife. Admittedly we were taking bets at the shop about how many words Max would get through before he gave up, but he pushed through!

We think the end result is worth it, how about you? This painting is mixed medium oil and spray paint on canvas, 30"x40" and available for $600. Serious inquiries please call the shop at 413-527-6574.