112 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA


Three Year Anniversary

It was a happy accident last Friday- June 27, when a shop friend had stopped by the studio and casually asked Max how long he has been tattooing at the shop. We hopped onto Google Calendar and did some back tracking to discover that exact day was his three year anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been three years since Max joined us full time. Max was just barely out of his apprenticeship and tattooing in Connecticut when he formally applied and started working at the shop two days a week (while he was still working 5 days in Connecticut) to show his desire and dedication to being a part of the Off the Map team. At the time, this was one of Max's best tattoos (and still a favorite!). It's amazing to see how much his work has changed from when he was focusing more on illustrative color tattoos.
To let out a bit of an Off the Map secret, we actually made the decision to hire Max primarily because of his sketch book. While his technical skill wasn't as advanced as we would like, we saw a huge potential in him. Three years later, Max has surpassed our expectations. This black and gray crow tattoo was an exciting piece, because it was when we saw Max really developing his own unique style and flare.
He has since continued to hit it out of the park with his abstract, surreal black and gray tattoos. We have had a wonderful group of clients willing to let Max really take creative liberties with the pieces, like this abstract phoenix back tattoo.

Max's style has become quite popular causing his books to be currently closed until 2015, but we will release information in the coming weeks about how to submit to be on his wait list. We couldn't be more proud of Max and his accomplishments to date, and we can't wait to see the evolution of his tattooing! Congratulations Max!