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Skulls on Skulls

Since Max is such a fan of macabre subject matter, it's no wonder skulls show up frequently in his work. Skulls are a fairly popularized subject matter, maybe because they look tough, maybe because they represent mortality and one of the only things that we will leave behind. They're intriguing and hold so many stories, most of which will always be a mystery to us.

In the form of tattoos, clients get to create their own story. Some of them may be more light hearted, like this more modern interpretation of the widley know "skull and crossbones." While this client may not be a pirate, he is certainly a White Sox fan.

This tattoo has become a crowd favorite. This chef client had the existing knife tattoo that Max added onto with the skull and compass rose. 


When this particular client asked for a sexy grim reaper, Max combined the imagery of a provactive woman and a partial skull to create a beautiful but ominous atmosphere for the piece. 

Of course we can't leave out animal skulls. This ornamental ram skull was created for this client who simply loves ram skulls.

Stay tuned for more skull tattoos in an upcoming news item!