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Italian Clients- Enter to win a Free Sleeve

It's just a few short days until Max heads over to Italy for his second guest spot at Off the Map Tattoo Italy! There is still a chance to win Max's free sleeve contest! To enter, post this photo on Instagram and tag @Maximiliantattoo, @Offthemaptattoo and #maximiliantattoo and #offthemaptattoo

Max will be returning to Italy this coming October and stay through mid December! He would love a chance to expand his Italian clientele starting with this amazing piece. It is truly free to enter, but you may ONLY win if you are willing to be tattoo at Off the Map Cervignano del Fruili.

Max has other amazing sketches he would also love to turn into or use as inspiration for tattoos, like this filagree sketch.

Max's books are closed in the US but he is eager to gain Italian tattoo clients. If you would like to be tattooed by Max during his time in Italy please contact Max directly through the website, or call the Massachusetts studio at 1-413-527-6574 and we can assist you!