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Tattoos in Bloom

When it comes to subject matter, flowers are really a timeless choice for your next tattoo. While always popular, flowers really surpass any kind of "trend" with their universal beauty. Max is particularly fond of making flowers more ornametal with the addition of filagree like in this beautiful rose and filagree tattoo he did on a lovely client named Wendy. Stay tuned for even more updated photos on the expansion of this piece. We'll give you a hint, this was about half way through the process!


Using flowers, there is also the option of combining more other imagery, or things of the imagination. Max's style often borders on the line between fantasy and reality, and that sort of combination is encompassed in this abstract tattoo.

Does this image look familiar? Well it should! We've posted about it a few times. Max would love to do this tattoo, particularly in his upcoming visit to Off the Map Italy in Cervignano del Fruili. He is living this Tuesday and will be at the location of our Italian partner for two weeks!

 If you want to skip the line to get in with Max- make a trip to Italy! Or if you are lucky enough to be a resident of Italy, shoot Max an email to take advantage of this talented artist on your side of the pond!  Or contact the Italy studio directly for bookings.