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Max's Waitlist

If you' ve been following the blog, or Max's work in general, you have likely caught wind of the fact that Max's books are closed for 2014. We know it can be frustrating and confusing to wait, so we wanted to clarify a few things to make it easier!

Are Max's books really closed for 2014? Can't he squeeze me in somewhere?

Unfortunately, yes his books are really closed, and no he can't squeeze you in- he is actually fully booked through the end of the year. Two months of which he is spending at Off the Map Tattoo in Italy. We are not holding secret spots for ransom, he's just actually completely full for the year! That being said occasionally he does have cancellations. People with in progress pieces on the cancellation list get priority in these cases. Otherwise, we generally send our a push notification through the Off the Map app (make sure to download it) and/or post on our Facebook with the specifics of time available and what kind of tattoos he will consider taking.

How can I get on Max's waitlist?

It's a great problem to have when your demand surpasses your supply, but it can be disappointing to let down clients, so first and foremost,  please know we don't like saying no. Turning clients away is very disappointing for us too, but alas, Max (and tattooers in general) are just people, with a limited amount of man hours and at some point, they have to start passing on certain prohects. If you want to get tattooed by Max, the first step is patience and a willingness to wait a few months, if not a few years to complete a project. The second step is to email your inquiry to the shop with as much detail as possible. We promise we read every email and will do our very best to get back to each of them. At this point we are only compiling ideas that Max might be willing to take on for his 2015 bookings. We are still ironing out details, but Max will be doing a limited amount on consultations in the fall before he leaves for Italy.

What's the secret to getting my idea chosen?

As you can imagine, once an artist has more clients they he or she can take, they can to be more chosey with what ideas they take on, so the quickest way to get "bumped" to the front of the line is to allow the artist as much creative freedom as possible while working within their style. Max enjoys black and gray, particuarly ornamental and intricate designs with surreal and macabre undertones. Large scale is generally more appealing, but not in every case. Lastly, if your really dedicated- head on over to our shop in Cergivnano del Fruili, Italy, and get right to the front of the line!

It can be a long process, but in the end, you'll have an amazing piece of art that will last a lifetime.

Max is overwhelmed by the ongoing support and looks forward to continuing to take on new tattoo projects in both Massachusetts and Italy. For those of you willing to wait, we greatly appreciate your patience and dedication to superior tattooing!