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It's Not all Black and White

While Max's passion is geared more towards black and gray tattooing, sometimes the right client, and the right idea comes by, and apparently, Max is awesome at color tattoos as well! This zombie mermaid 3/4 sleeve is on one of our very favorite clients Mariha. She was a dedicated client and was able to complete this project in a little over 6 months over the course of 6 sessions. When starting a large scale project like a sleeve, it's always important to plan ahead for budget and time! It is always to the benefit of the client, tattooer, and end result of the tattoo when the client is able to come regularly. Even in short periods of time, artists styles can change, so the longer a project takes to complete, the harder it can be to keep one cohesive vision.

This tattoo was actually intended to be a half sleeve, but they were both so please with the progress they decided to add the clam and the lobster to extend it into a 3/4 sleeve.

This adorable teapot tattoo was done in a single session and took around 4 hours. You can also see a tattoo from our "Animal Tattoo for Endangered Species" event peaking out on the bottom!

This tattoo is one of three phoenix tattoos (and countless skull tattoos) Max brought to completion in the past year. This piece was actually worked around an existing clover tattoo that the client wished to cover up. Max used a limited color palette and creative use of  negative space to detract from the cover up.

The best part of all of these tattoos is all three of these clients really gave make artistic freedom to create his version of a color tattoo. Don't forget to check back for more tattoo and news updates and Max finishes more tattoos like these!