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Italian Inspiration

During Max's trip to Italy, inspiration is in no short supply. The architecture, though and detail put into the buildings and landmarks is stunning. This light post at the Vatican is a perfect example of so much. The beautiful ornamental iron filagree is perfect inspiration for the tattoos Max loves to do in that style. 

The doors in Italy put the US to shame. Every entry way is a statement, a beautiful showcase of whats to come. The door are all custom, unique and intricately designs. The combination of wood and metal is quite popular and Max would love to play with that combination of textures and materials in future tattoo projects.

The attention to detail in Italian architecture is really unmatched. The history is so rich and the pride shows through in so many historical landmarks, as well at kept homes throughtout.

This Pilar is in the Vatican and made us think of the bee tattoo below that Max did a few months back on a walk in tattoo. We did some research out of curiosity and found out the symbol of bees actually have quite a bit of history in Italy.

Max will be returning to Italy for two months from mid October to mid December and would love to do more tattoos inspired by Italy's rich history. If you would like to explore getting tattooed by Max on his next Italian adventure, fill out an online consult form with your idea! Ciao!