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Skulls Part Deux

As we mentioned in a previous news item, skulls have been a continuously popular subject matter. So much so, we couldn't fit them all in one news item (two still just scratches the surface)! 

This day of the dead inspired skull was done in a single session on this clients foot. Day of the dead imagery is general done in a more illustrative fashion, so it was fun for Max to combine some realism with filagree florishes.

This morphing skull contains multiple skulls overlapping in multiple ways. This effect has been popularized more recently by artists like Jeff Gogue and Jason Butcher. This tattoo is actually also a coverup, which is especially challenging when done exclusively in black and gray.

Last but not least, a wolf skull! Max played with focus in this tattoo keeping the teeth as the focal point and highly detailed, while the back remains less focused and diffused.

WIth so many variations and techniques that can be incorporated, skulls are an incredible and endless subject to be tattooed. That being said, make sure you keep checking for updates because it's more likely than not that more skulls are on the way! Cheers!