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Life's a Beach

Department stores may have summer items on clearance, but summer's not even close to over in our eyes. We have some die hard beach fans who wanted to show their love of the sea (and land) through their tattoos.

This star fish and wheel tattoo was a single shot tattoo that Max did last winter. Winter is the ideal time for beach lovers to get tattooed since you need to keep your healing tattoo away from the sun and you need to avoid submerging in water. As Max says "No sunning or funning." 

This next tattoo was on our Cape Cod loving client Amanda. It even got mention in this article on CapeCodOnline.com  Apparently Amanda isn't the only one showing her MA pride. Max worked around her existing compass and created a really incredible weathered map. 

Nothing like a permanent reminder of warm thoughts, especially for those of us who have to take on New England winters!