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Entrance Into a Dark and Scary Forest

Sometimes clients surprise us with their tattoo concepts, and this was one of those cases. Sarah comes from one of our very favorite families, and her parents are also great clients of ours. They are sweet as pie, so when Sarah came to Max with this creepy and macabre idea, it was a bit of a shock, in the best kind of way! Sarah wanted a little girl with her teddy bear walking into a scary forest, and this is what Max started with.

She came back in this past weekend to get more work done and extend her thigh piece up and back. The skull below is Max's concept for expanding the tattoo. Max often makes loose sketches for his tattoos. Sometimes multiple versions of them before a more final rendering of the piece. Having a few options gives his clients more insight on what their options might be, and helps them to visualize the final tattoo.

The extension of the piece went up onto her hip. We find pieces like this tend to keep growing, often larger than the client originally thought they wanted. Taking the plunge to large scale tattoo work can be scary, but generally clients just want to keep going bigger!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more posts about this tattoo. Max has even been updating to instagram a bit more so give a follow to @Maximiliantattoo