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Smooth Sailing

It seems like Max gets an unusually high number of sea and aquatic related tattoos. Maybe it's because Max himself is a water sign...

This huge (and we mean huge,- this client Neal is about 6'4") rib piece is about 5 sessions of varying length in. Neal was one of Max's first clients at Off the Map and Max did a more traditional panther on his other rib cage. Apparently Neal is a glutton for punishment, because ribs are notoriously one of the most notoriously difficult areas to get tattooed. Between the panther and this ship, it seems that Neal keeps challenging Max to pieces outside his usual comfort zone. 

It's always fun to see our artists work in various styles.

The ship below is more in the ball park of what Max normally does, but this piece is far from ordinary! Max tattooed this on our very own Rob, who is now one of our dutiful front desk staff members! When Rob started this piece, he was just a client, but apparently he couldn't get enough of us! After spending 50 or so hours with Max and the shop to complete this tattoo, we stole each others hearts, and the rest is history.

Oh, and he ended up with a pretty great torso tattoo as well. Originally this was going to be a haunted ship chest piece, but after viewing a giant octopus at the boston aquarium, Rob decided he wanted more. Thus the epic kraken, ship torso tattoo began! Aside from 50 hours of tattoo time, Rob also pushed through getting his nipple and navel tattooed. Max manages to wrangle some seriously tough clients!

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