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Two Months to go until Two Months in Italy!

It's hard to believe we're already counting down to Max's next departure to Italy, but alas, a mere two months from now, Max will be headed back to Cergivgnano del Friuli to spend a full two months at our Italian location from mid October to mid December. Even though it was only his second time visiting our Italian studio in July, he still acquired quite a few wonderful clients and projects to work on. 

This beautiful filagree chrysanthemum tattoo will be added onto in the future. In this tattoo Max used the technique of utilizing negative space, rather than color for the focal point of the tattoo.

This next piece incorporated abstract inspiration that Max is generally used to, but incorporated more literal realism and color than he uses regularly. While bird tattoos, eye tattoos, and cherry blossom tattoos aren't the most unusual subject matter, combining the two made this a much more innovative and unique tattoo. 

This last tattoo is a take on a "skin rip" tattoo. The client wanted the illusion of armour with some celtic inspiration. The client was willing to sit for a (long) full day and asked that Max incorporate the new tattoo with the existing pieces he had.

Max cannot wait to see what his Italian clients bring him next time around. He would love more filagree tatttoos, architectural inspired tattoos, flower tattoos, and whatever else is brought to the table! If you would like to get tattooed by Max while he's in Italy, make sure to contact to Italy studio to book! Cervignano del Friuli is just a short train ride away from Venice, Rome and Milan, so even if you're not right in town, you're not too far away to get an amazing tattoo!