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More Tattoo Works From Italy

When Max was in Italy he had the pleasure of discovering Italian tattoo clients are not shy of getting large pieces, and not only that, they are tough as nails. Both of these large scale tattoos were done in a single session, making for a long day for both Max and his clients.

This shoulder piece brings in inspiration from a wise elder, and a maori warrior. Max included his signature abstract flair to this otherwise realistic portraiture. 

This wolf tattoo is a bit more illustrative than Max's usual style, but once again, he managed to incorporate some of his signature style- this time with the filagree add on. This tattoo is also a wonderful example of a primarily black and gray tattoo with a limited use of color. Generally, when clients want black and gray but a splash of color, it's aesthetically best to keep it to just one additional color.

These clients brought great ideas to the table and Max can't what to see what the next round of clients in Italy have dreamed up! Max will be in Italy for two full months, but his tattoo schedule is already filling up! If you want to make sure to secure your trip during Max's next stint in Italy, go ahead and contact our Italian location directly!