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In Progress

Even though there's not always updates, it doesn't mean Max isn't churning away at in progress tattoos. These are a couple of pieces we wanted to share with you!

This Virgin Mary was added on an in progress sleeve that includes other subject matter including cicada, crow and rose tattoos. This client Dave has been diligent and coming in regularly for a little less than a year.

This project is on a wonderful client Wendy. She has roses and filagree extending from her hip, up her ribs and onto her arm. Wendy was another dedicated client that came in consistenly and got this large scale piece to this stage in about 4 full day sessions. Did we mention she's also a tough cookie?

Max took a full day tattoo session for each piece of this tattoo, first working on the crow quarter sleeve, then working on the wolf chest plate. It's yet to be seen what if anything, this client will add on to the tattoo, but we feel inclined to think it's will get bigger over time!

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more updates on tattoos and travels!