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Three Weeks Until Max Departs for Italy

We hate to see Max leave his regular home at our Easthampton, Massachusetts tattoo studio, but it's exciting to watch him venture to our Italian location with Alex de Pase and the full crew at Off the Map Italy. October 13 will be Max's last day at our Easthampton location until mid-December. We'll look forward to Max coming back to us regularly December 11.

Max already has a few tattoo clients lined up for him in Cervignano del Friuli but he would love to gather more Italian tattoo lovers to fill up him time there. There is even still a chance for a lucky client to win a FREE tattoo from Max during his stay.


Aside from tattooing in Italy, Max is also looking forward to attending the World Wide Tattoo Conference, to learn from incredible world renowned tattooers including Shige, Alex De Pase, Jeff Gogue and more! Between this incredible learning opportunity and the inspiration of the area, we imagine Max will be doing some of the most impressive tattoos we've seen from him yet!

The tattoo below was designed with the inspiration "a suitcase full of memories," and we look forward to filling up Max's suitcase with memories, stories, tattoos and beautiful artwork to share with you all during and after his Italian adventures.

If two months feels like a really long time to miss Max, feel free to swing by the studio to see him off, give him a hug, and maybe a tip or two for things he should see, do or experience while abroad! Ciao!