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Words And Pictures

While Max's tattoos are often more conceptual in nature, sometimes he has clients who like to be a bit more literal in their tattoos and chose to include words as well. While bible verse tattoos and rosary tattoos are a fairly common subject matter and request, Max really took the idea and ran with it in a more unique and creative way for this half sleeve tattoo. He played with textures, perspective and layering to create this corinthians tattoo.


This color anchor and lily tattoo incoporated a limited amount of text in reference to the clients loved ones. Sometimes the picture is enough, other times clients prefer to be quite clear with their visual intent by including a clear statement.

This back piece also used text combined with filagree as a create top border. In this case using the lettering of "Live Life" to contrast the clearly macabre tattoo imagery including the graveyard and sculptural angel. 

While some say a picture is worth a thousand words, other times clients prefer to let words tell part of their story. We love both variations of tattoos and especiial love seeing clients tattoo visions come together with their tattoo artist for a beautiful cohesive tattoo!