112 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA



so this year's paradise artist retreat was the most inspiring yet! everything from the venue to the collective demeanor was nothing but placid. on a personal note... looking back at where i was from my first artist retreat to now is night and day.  i am so fortunate to be where i am now. it's been a week or two of reflection to really appreciate my position in life.... pretty Fing awesome!


On a more professional and work related note, before i get all choked up, i've been having the opportunity to work on some really awesome projects! and it's time to share a few!  the first in this set is a momento mori sleeve that a really great guy ryan had approached me about a few months back. He found me on the internet  and contacted me via email!  he was the first person to do it and get something done! hope the trend continues... wink wink nudge nudge.

Thank you for reading and looking though the galleries. hope you enjoy!!!