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hey everyone!


So the other day our very own Tim Senecal returned to work! After dealing with a damaged knee from an epic 3 leggeed race that saved the earth, he finally has had his surgery. And in a matter of maybe a week, the chuck norris of tattooing has returned to OTM. He's been more than missed in his absence, and I along with the rest of the OTM team are more than excited to have him back! It's not the same without the other old man in the balcony. WELCOME BACK TIM!!!


I've realized at this point I'm not the biggest fan of putting up a news item without something to look at. I'll continue to try and keep up with posting a picture of some form of art with every postng. And since we're on the topic of badass here's a black work clint eastwood stencil tattoo i did the other day. It was really fun during the process to see a series of abstract shapes and dots transform into a recognizable human form.  Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my tattoo gallery or contact me if you'd like to get tattooed!