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Taino pride tattoo

Sunday July 01, 2012

hey everyone!

Yesterday was a really great day and full of surpises. The big one being that I was able to work with a client that I hadn't seen in 6+ months! It was wild to see the progression that's been made in my work, the techniques that i use and the speed at which i get things done. Since starting at Off The Map it's done nothing but improve, mostly in part to the opportunies that Gabe and Mary have set in place and offer, and what it is you do with that information. It's what sites and communties like, and the Paradise events are all about!

Some of the other great suprises yesterday were my girlfriend dropping off an awesome frog cake while I worked on a frog tattoo, how great Tim Senecal is recovering and back at tattooing, and that the new indian place in Easthampton makes damn good papadams and spicy food!

Here's the tattoo I did on the client I mentioned earlier. We're working on what can be called a Taino or Puerto Rican theme pride half sleeve tattoo. In this sitting we did a photorealistic black and grey coqui frog tattoo subtly blending into a taino frog symbol tattoo. This is the first sitting on this inner arm tattoo and I can't wait to do another pass on it. The amount of positive feedback I recieved on Instagram for this tattoo also came as a pleasant suprise. If you have an Instagram account or if you've downloaded the new TATTOONOW APP, you should follow the daily postings by yours truly! 

Thanks for looking and hope to see you in the studio soon!




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