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Cherry Blossoms!

Hey Everyone!

So getting back into the swing of things after getting back from Utah. This week has been definitely been fun! Working with great clients and ouside of work... having to house sit a nice big homestead! I've also been stumbling upon great and interesting reference photos of things i'd love to tattoo.... Realized I've never tattooed a close up of an eye!!! I found all sorts of neat feminine eyes with crazy makeup and other fun elements. Looking forward to doing something along these lines... wink wink... If this is up your alley, go ahead and fill out an online consultation form! I dare ya!

Here's a fresh tattoo from today. It's of a black and grey with color tattoo, infinte symbol tattoo made out of a cherry blossom branch tattoo... tattoo... one more for good measure! These black and grey with color elements have been really fun, exciting and challenging, hope I get to do more of these in the future too! Thank you for looking, hope you like it!