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Hey Everyone!

The other night, for the first time in my career another tattoo artist asked me to tattoo him. This artist was the visiting guest artist Tyler Jones. When he approached me with the idea of doing a skull for him I was initially shocked.... I think the first thing I said was "Really?! You want ME to tattoo you?!" He told me that the skull I'd done the day before sealed the deal for him. After the butterflies calmed down and reality set in I was very honored at his request, and equally humble to work on someone who until that night said he would only collect from Jeff Gogue. It was a great time tattooing Tyler and I had the sincere pleasure to get to know alot about him in a relaxed after hours setting. I hope we see more of eachother in the future. 

Here's installement numero dos of my 3 days of 3 skulls freehanded using a "from life" reference approach. This one on a great guy and tattoo artist, Tyler Jones. I'm really looking forward to doing more of these in the future, if this is something you might be interested don't hesitate to get in touch!