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Holy Smokes Tattoo Revolution!

Hey Everyone! 

So yesterday it was brought to my attention by Gabe Ripley, that one of my tattoos was published in the phenominal TATTOO REVOLUTION magazine. I'm very honored and would like to thank them for picking one of my personal favorites (that was for a great client Nicole) for their OCTOBER 2012 issue. I love reading their magazine and especially enjoy this month's tutorial by Emil. If you get a chance, I highly recommend picking up a copy, it is a U.K. based publication, but very well worth the effort in trying to get you hands on one! Thank you again TATTOO REVOLUTION for this huge honor.  Also thank you to TATTOONOW.com for making uploaded hi-res images easily accessable to magazines and the public. They'll have a seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering if you had any questions or interest in getting a membership and website through this great company... well worth it!

Here's the proof of my first individually published picture in the magazine! Still hard to believe!