112 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA



Hey Everyone!

SO FOOD TATTOOS FOR HUNGER WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!!! OTM-NE RAISED OVER 2100$! We had 5 artists working all day and did a total of 40 tattoos! Special thank you to Daniel and Megan-Jean  from Painted Soul Tattoo in CT, for volunteering their time at the studio and supporting the great cause! If you're interested in seeing some of the finished products, check out #foodtattoosforhunger on instagram and twitter! 

Here's a selection from the 8/9 tattoos I did today. These two are my favorites of the day. Both were really great clients! The chantrell mushroom tattoo was done on Sara who also happens to own the porchetta pig and sage tattoo i did a month or so back. The sockeye salmon  fish head hand tattoo was on a really nice tattoo arist Keri from NY, who drove all the way to Easthampton, MA to help us out! Thanks for looking!