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Wings and boots!


The other day I realize that tattooing takes a serious toll on your body. I'd always heard from and been around artists that suffered the daily aches and pains, but have always detached myself from the reality of the situations. The first step towards working on my physical self is to restart going regularly to crossfit. During a conversation, Joe King from the studio also informed me about the factors that cause painful carple tunnel. I'd been through the early stages before and it honestly sucks. There's a harsh reality about this career, if one doesn't take care and react to the warning signs, will render us: blind, deaf, with our hands and backs broken. So it's about that time, think ahead and start now. 

Thanks for reading and looking!

Here's a pair of boots with wings that I did on a female client's forearm. I apologize for the slight wierdness in color... tried to correct what the iphone took. Hopefully get a chance to take healed pictures when her partner comes in to finish his!