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Here's a stained glass chest panel tattoo teaser of a St. Micheal tattoo. The client approached me originally wanting a St. Micheal piece to cover his right pectoral and told me to have fun with it. SO I DID! I did a little homework and fell in love with the Art Nouveau movement in stained glass. The use of busy texture and color transitions in sections of glass in contrast with the clean tones in the rendering of skin enthralls me. I'd love to build a body of work with the elements found in these, whether is be reproduction of the many images I have, your own stained glass images, or an idea you'd like to put this twist on. 

Hope you enjoy the sneak peak! ANDDDD HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT THIS YEAR'S 7th ANNIVERSARY/ HOLIDAY PARTY FOR OFF THE MAP!!!!! For more info visit www.offthemaptattoo.com or call the studio @ (413)527-6574.