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Today was a good tattoo day. Unfortunately I won't be posting it today because it's the start of a project that I've been looking forward to getting into for months, and i don't want to spoil the reveal.  I can give you a hint: a sleeve based on a group of works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

I've been using photoshop more extensively now and have really enjoyed the results. I've used it to do things like overlay effects, creating atsmosphere i.e. fog etc., and most recently I've been playing with the 3d preloads from the jaw-droppingly masterful BEZ 666. The Design Through Chaos DVD is incredible. It's shown me a new tool that with help both myself and more  importantly help my clients visualize what designs would look like at different scales in 3D space on a variety of body parts. It's a really incredible tool. 

Here's a progress picture/ update on he evolution leg sleeve that i've been working on. It's a cotton gin and run down factory.