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Graveyard backpiece #1

Hey Everyone!

This post is kind of a continuation of yesterday's post. Here's the second tattoo, which happens to be the first installment of a full backpiece. The client, Garrett, sat like an champion! This tattoo is the result of 7 hours of tattoo time. I'm really surprised and what we were able to accomplish in that short span of time.

So about the tattoo... First, let me say I "enjoy" doing memorial tattoos for people in our lives that have passed. I use "enjoy" losely because it sucks to have to get one for that very reason. The client approached me with a very literal memorial piece, he wanted a graveyard... not just any graveyard, but he wanted it to fill his entire back! This sitting we started at the bottom in this sitting blocking in the large angel that we're using to frame out the bottom of the scene. This picture doesn't really give it justice but the tattpp spans his entire lower third of the back. Thanks for looking!

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