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magnolia watercolor

Hey everyone!

So the other day I experienced laser removal for the first time, one of my clients and I took a trip to see Jack Morton of Rethink Your Ink. He does a circuit of visitations to various tattoo studios throughout the country on an eight week rotation. I know in the past that for certain coverups I've recommended getting a few treatments of laser to clients... and I want to say... It's really not as bad as I'd anticipated. It did hurt a little more than getting a tattoo, but it lasted all of maybe 10 minutes and it was done. I'll be posting pictures of the before, during and after. This way people can see how much it really does help with the process of covering unwanted tattoos.

Today's posting is of another practice watercolor I did a few days ago. It's pretty straight forward... just a quick magnolia branch. Done on 140 Arches cold press paper. If interested in prints or originals feel free to contact yours truely. Thanks for looking!