112 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA



Hey everyone! 

The other day after getting my first ever laser session, my client Connor and I took a visit to Guidline Tattoo in East Hartford, Ct. I'd been planning on going to meet Inker in person for about a year now... Going into the studio was like being transported in time. Flash from Jack Rudy and Original Inker flash from '83 lined the walls. everywhere you cast your eyes there was something to look at! We were greeted by an older tattoo artist with long peppered hair  covered in original Don Ed Hardy work, named Kevin. Truly beside myself... It's incredibly humbling to meet and talk to someone who's been dedicated to the craft and art of tattooing longer that you've been alive. I want to thank him again for giving me a critique, it was a huge honor. When I did meet Inker it was exactly like I'd anticipated, a humbling blurry whirlwind. We eventually left with a appointment reciept in hand and a few pictures in the other. My favorite of them was of this sign that hung over the enterance to the tattoo areas. It is just perfect. Can't wait for my appt June 7th!