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Graveyard angel backpiece tattoo


This past weekend was a very quiet weekend at the studio. Hell City Killumbus was this past weekend and everyone except the very wonderful Racheal and I were in attendance.  I been keeping up to date on Instagram and Facebook. Durb is and incredible event promoter and organizer and I look forward to be at this year's Hell City Phoenix, AZ in August. Hopefully I'll have this piece done by then. Normally I'm not into doing names with the dates of life and death, simply because it reminds me of a headstone. I always feel that there can be something more personla and original that reminds you of the departed's life rather than their death. HOWEVER...There are exceptions...This client approached me with the idea of doing an actual graveyard on a massive scale, wanting to fill his entire back. Here's our progress after two very long and very productive sittings. This is after about 13 hours in. We still have about 3-4 times that before this piece is finished. Thank you for looking! The top and sides are fresh while the angel on the bottom is healed after the first pass. Please note that the script at the top was not done by me.