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abstract skull woman face


So the past few days I've been finishing up alot of my multisession large scale pieces. It's a little bit of a double edged sword. On one hand I'm excited to have the work completed and become to additions to the portfolio. On the other, it's sad to not see the clients on a regular basis who i've formed great relationships with as be took the journey of creating the tattoo. I do really look forward to seeing them again and hope to continue more endeavors with them.

Here's something I started the other day, that really emcompasses the things that I love doing, and doing alot of. It's a mash up of photorealism and abstractions that for better or worse fall into the macabre genre. This is after the first pass and probably will need another 1-2 sittings.  i had alot of fun doing this tattoo and am really loking forward to getting back into it for another session and finishing it up. Thanks for looking!