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Lace hand tattoo


So today is an exciting day.... I get to finish a sleeve that was started a little over a year ago. It's on the awesome client Mr. Tarby. He and I have spent alot of time together and for a great bond in the process of this tattoo. I'll be sad to see him move away out of the North East. Today is our final polish pass on his "Momento Mori Sleeve Tattoo". I'll be posting healed pictures in about a month or so. Maybe even a Amped 3D version.

Here's an addition to a filigree bracer I did a while ago. The client wanted to give it the appearance of having a lace lining. In this session she took the step of bringing her forearm half sleeve down onto her hand. This is after the first pass. Here I just layed it all down and in the next session I'll be going through and tightening it up. Thanks for looking!